Written by Kimion Tagwirei   

Students have commended the college for managing to develop the college during difficult economic times. Referring to the expansion of the library space and other infrastructural

developments this is what some of them had to say:

CleopasTaguma: “The expansion of the library has given students more space and privacy during their studies and research. The developments have created a conducive learning environment that I am looking forward to fully utilize. I am so thankful to the college for being proactive through these developments in hard times like we are currently facing.”

Boanerges Mudimba: “Our school developments are helping us a lot. I am pleased because we now have easy access to books as students”

LovemoreNyaungwe: “The extension and computerization of our library have positively impacted my learning life. Firstly it has made me feel that DTC is the best place to be. The library is very rich and can now accommodate more people. The expansion means that there will be more books for our benefit.

Maxwell Jamela: “It is now easy for those without laptops to do their assignments. Everyone now can have access to the spacious library and computer laboratory. We now have better space to do group discussions or individual studies without any hindrances”

AnnahChimboza: “The College is doing a great job. I am so happy with fast internet accessibility that we now have. Thank you”

GwinyaiNdembera: “All developments that our college has managed to accomplish have created a conducive learning environment, a new look which gives many students so much motivation to aim high. The infrastructural developments show life for a college that offers degrees.”

Others emphasized that the developments confirm that DTC is serious on growing to greater heights.

To God be the glory; great things He has done. And to all who have helped in these developments in any way – a big thank you and may the Lord bless you abundantly.