Written by Kimion Tagwirei   


At the October 2015 graduation ceremony the Principal, Rev Dr R Musasiwa, said that the college has come a long way, and is going far as it strives to be a center of excellence in internationally recognized theological education and Christian leadership training.

“In 1993 Domboshawa Theological College was only a seed germinating. Then we grew in several directions: from being a house of supplementary studies to being a fully-fledged college with its own students, curriculum and faculty…”

The principal added that the college developed from offering a Certificate to now offering a Degree programmes. Currently the college is offering a Diploma in Pastoral studies and a Zimbabwe Open University Bachelor’s Degree in Religious studies and Theology. The college has also reached an advanced stage in its preparations to offer a Master’s degree. Renovating infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated Master’s degree students has now been completed.

DTC became one of the founding members of the Association of Colleges for

Theological Education in Zimbabwe (ACTEZ), is a member of the Evangelical


Fellowship of Zimbabwe and is also in partnership with Redcliffe College in the United Kingdom.