Written by Kimion Tagwirei   


In an environment which is getting ever more economically challenging, we can still proclaim EBENEZER, for thus far has the Lord brought us. The Jan-June 2016 semester commenced on a high note of optimism, with the completion of the library extension project. The Lord has also sustained us throughout the semester using those students who have faithfully paid their fees and the staff members who have taken their work more as a calling than a source of lucrative income.

Such sacrifice is commendable. Thank you faithful students; and thank you dedicated staff.

The purchase of 10 Library computers and the automation of the library system remain as the only outstanding challenges of our last developmental phase. The total needed for these remaining works is $7,000. My question is: “What can YOU do to help the college with the needed funds to complete this project?”


With the negotiations for the commencement of the Master’s programme now in progress, it would be regrettable if these outstanding jobs create a negative or delaying impact on the commencement of the much awaited Masters programme.