Written by Kimion Tagwirei   



Principal, Dr. Roy Musasiwa says that phase 3 property development comprises the extension and automation of our library. Available resources have so far allowed the accomplishment of the major part of this phase – the actual extension of the building and the building of computer work stations.

In order to bring this phase to completion the college now needs to install shelving in the extended section of the library ($2,344), purchase 11 computers ($5,500), install a library operating system, automate the loaning system and train staff in the use of the system ($5,000).

Please pray about being part of the completion of this remaining phase totaling $12,844. Might the Lord be moving you to meet one of the above items? Our bank details are as follows; CBZ, Selous Branch, Account number – 02123463360019. Account name is Domboshawa House Trust.

• Pray for students