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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54


"Together we can make a difference"

The Domboshawa Theological College (DTC) vision is to become a centre of excellence in internationally recognized theological education and Christian leadership training.This vision is based on our faith in God,

and an accurate understanding of ourselves, our history and circumstances. It is this vision of the future that gives us what John Haggai calls ‘inspirational dissatisfaction' with the status quo.

Yet we also thank God that we have already come a long way in our very short history. In 1993 we were only a seed which had only just begun to germinate. Then we grew in several directions:

  • From being a house of supplementary studies we became a full fledged college with its own students, curriculum and faculty.
  • From offering internal courses we began offering university accredited courses in 1996. For 11 years we offered a Diploma in Religious Studies in Association with the University of Zimbabwe. Then in August 2007 we became affiliated to the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) through which we now offer the BA in Religious Studies and Theology.
  • We started off with only 3 full time staff members in 1993; and now the college is now being served by 13 full time teaching and administration staff members and eight adjunct faculty.
  • DTC is one of the founding members of the Association of Colleges of Theological Education in Zimbabwe (ACTEZ). ACTEZ in turn gave birth to the Board of Accreditation and Standardization of ACTEZ (BASA). DTC was the first college to achieve a registered status with BASA, a status that allows our students to earn BASA-accredited certification.
  • Our enrolment grew from three students in 1993 to a stage where we are now enrolling 100 students a year.

There are many testimonies of the fact that DTC is adding value in the lives of its graduates. They include people who have been deployed into schools by the Ministry of Education on the strength of their DTC-acquired qualifications  . Many of our former students have achieved Master's Degrees, with some now working on their PhDs both at home and abroad. Several of our former students are employed as lecturers at institutions of higher learning. Whereever I go I meet others who are now distinguished pastors in churches, or workers in para-church organizations. New life-long friendships have been created through DTC. Some of these friendships have matured into marriage. I have had the joy of being the marriage officer to FIVE of our former students.

Our graduates are now change agents in society, helping to bring light where there is darkness, hope where there is despair and healing where there is brokenness.

But DTC would not be able to add so much value to society without many people here and abroad helping us to do what God intends for us to do. These include the many friends of DTC who have supported us over the years. They also include our dedicated Board of Trustees members. Many of us here will recall Rev Griffiths Malaba who retired from 15 years of being chairman of the Board. It was because of his distinguished service that the college decided to set up the Malaba Scholarship Fund to enable students who are experiencing our harsh economic realities to complete their studies. We are thankful to those who gave generously and sacrificially to this fund. You are making a difference to many people, which means you are making a difference to the nation that is crying out for the development of leaders of integrity.

But this is only the beginning of greater things to come. Although we have to operate under very difficult economic conditions the future is as bright as God's promises. We invite you to be part of this exciting venture. This website should give you a very good idea of what part you can play. From this website you can also watch a gallery of pictures and some mini vidios as well as read and/or print off our current promotional brochure.

Together we can glorify the Lord by raising Christian leaders of integrity who can continue to be the salt and the light of the world


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