Ourstory: Chimurenga Part 1
(linked refrences underlined)

One upon a time, before Africa was invaded,
lived a great civilization, that  built our great nation.
Before the slave ships came to take us
put us all in the snake pits, of Europe,
and robbed our people of greatness.
I'll start with the ones from my part,The Munhumutapa
who built a civilization where all our people could prosper.
Till uninvited guests came on a mission to stop us
Holding riffles and bibles -
said they where bringing the Gospel
The first from across the seas, was the Portuguese
they said they where explorers
but they where foreign thieves
they caused a lot of death through war
plus they brought Decease
In 1690 the Portuguese where forced to leave
By the Rozvi who ruled for 2 centuries
Life slowly returned to the way it was meant to be -
Then Muzilikaziand his tribe fled from Shaka
During the Mfecane, thats when Zimbabwe was curved up -
When the Mzilikazi died he son - Lobengula
was the Sole air heir to the throne so became the ruler...
The Ndebele where a strong tribe, relations of Zulus-
But would soon loose all the pride that they was used to.
The British settlers kept arriving -
With guns and money, and Lobengula was misguided
The Rudd Concession was floored but Lobengula Signed it
Gave Cecil John Rhodes exclusive rights to all the mining
In 1896 Mukwati the great prophet of Mlimo,
rallied up the people
to fight the common evil
The Shona and Ndebele united in a common cause
and caused a war to try and defeated the scores
of the foreign hordes
That was the start of Chimurenga Part 1
Africans with spears against Europeans with Guns
Fredrick R Burnham shot Mukwati for starting the coup
But that inspired Chimurenga part 2 coming soon.

© Written by K.Musasiwa | Mujiba Media